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After a successful 12 year career managing electronics retail stores, Phillip decided to follow his passions to wherever it may lead him. He took what he enjoyed most from his retail career (satisfying customers), and teamed it up with what he loved to do every day (repairing things). In 2013, he started a computer repair business that transformed into a handyman business, because of his passion to work with his hands and challenge himself. As a handyman, Phillip specializes in craftsman projects, carpentry, general home repair, computer repair, and website development. He has helped people who needed to repair and sell their house, and families who just don’t have the time or tools for a makeover project. He can build/repair fences, create custom wood projects, perform landscaping, and repair just about anything that has been broken. The result has been a win-win situation for both Phillip and his customers. If you choose Phillip’s Handyman Service for your next project, you can expect great service, fair pricing, and a friend you can count on.


I’ve seen it time and time again.  Someone hires a person to do a job with unclear expectations on pay and perfomance.  When the bill is received it’s way higher than expected.  There aren’t any receipts for materials purchased, the hourly rate is too high and it took way longer than originally planned.  The end result regardless of how the job turned out is diminished trust.  The customer usually reluctantly pays the bill but doesn’t call back the next time they need work done.  With Phillip’s Handyman Service you can expect more!



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